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At BestTorontoDecks, we’ve been laying down the foundation and decking out the Ontario scene since 2011. Specializing in crafting the sturdiest and slickest construction projects—be it decks, fences, or the whole construction shebang—we offer the complete journey from the first sketch to the final masterpiece, ensuring our work isn’t just good; it’s top-tier. And yeah, you get that certified nod from our construction engineer right off the bat.

Process of Working with Clients:

  • Initial consultation by phone: This is where the magic begins. At BestTorontoDecks, we dive deep to understand your vision and locale. Dreaming of a deck that’s the envy of the neighborhood or a fence that stands tall and proud? We’ll hit you with some ballpark figures that make sense. It’s convenient, quick, and oh so easy.

  • Meeting with an information collector: Got a taste of our rough quotes and liked the flavor? BestTorontoDecks is pumped to send over our detail detective to scope out the scene and snap the essentials. Heads up, though – they’re all about gathering intel, not dishing out the digits on costs. Expect a solid estimate from us within 24 business hours.

Project Development:

Once you give BestTorontoDecks the thumbs up and we’ve got the estimate squared away, it’s go-time. If your vision calls for an engineering wizard and some serious drafting, we’re on it. This stage is where plans take shape and designs get dialed in, all while making sure we’re ticking all the right compliance boxes. You’re in the loop, every step of the way.

Obtaining Permits:

Before we break ground, BestTorontoDecks ensures all the i’s are dotted with the paperwork. We set a project start date and shake hands (virtually or literally) on the contract. No sweat for you; we handle the maze of permit acquisition, making sure everything’s legit and up to code.


On D-Day, BestTorontoDecks crews hit the ground running. We’re not just about slinging hammers and cutting wood; we’re about building dreams. Throughout the entire build, we’re buzzing you updates, keeping you in the loop, and making tweaks as needed. And yes, “always online” isn’t just a catchphrase for us; it’s the real deal. Questions, updates, you name it—we’re a ping away.

Completion of the Project:

Crossing the finish line with BestTorontoDecks isn’t just about calling it done; it’s about ensuring everything’s polished to perfection. Even though the city inspectors do their triple check, we do our own victory lap, guaranteeing your project stands up not just to their standards, but ours. And trust us, ours are sky-high. We hand over the keys (figuratively speaking) with the confidence that your project’s not just finished, it’s BestTorontoDecks-finished.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q:What can I expect to find on a “Sample Page” for deck services?

  • A: “Sample Page” typically showcases a variety of deck services our company offers. This includes visual examples of our past projects, ranging from complete deck installations to repairs and customizations. It’s a snapshot of our craftsmanship and design capabilities to help you envision the potential of your space.

  • Q:How do I choose the right materials for my deck?

  • A: Choosing the right materials depends on your aesthetic preference, durability needs, and budget. Our “Sample Page” provides information on a variety of materials, including natural woods like cedar and redwood, as well as low-maintenance composites. We can help guide you through the best options for your specific project.

  • Q:What’s the difference between deck building and deck planning services?

  • A: Deck building is the actual construction of your deck. Deck planning, which we detail on our “Sample Page,” involves creating a design that meets your needs and complies with local building codes. This step is crucial to ensure that the end result is both safe and enjoyable.

  • Q:How do I maintain my deck after installation?
  • A:Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your deck. Our “Sample Page” includes care tips such as regular cleaning, necessary re-staining or sealing, and checking for any wear or damage. We also offer maintenance services to keep your deck in top condition.
  • Q:Can I see examples of custom deck features you offer?
  • A: Absolutely. Our “Sample Page” provides images and descriptions of custom features we’ve crafted, such as built-in seating, pergolas, lighting, and railing options. These features can enhance both the functionality and the aesthetic of your deck, making it a true extension of your home.
  • Q:What safety standards do you adhere to during deck construction?
  • A: Safety is our top priority. Our construction process adheres strictly to local building codes and safety standards, from the foundation to the final touches. We ensure that all materials and building techniques provide a structurally sound and safe outdoor space for you and your family.
  • Q:Can you work with my existing deck layout?
  • A: Absolutely. We specialize in optimizing and enhancing existing deck structures. Our team can assess your current layout and recommend improvements or expansions that integrate seamlessly with your space while upgrading its functionality and appearance.
  • Q:How long will my deck project take from start to finish?
  • A: The timeline varies based on project complexity and size. After an initial consultation and planning phase, most deck projects take several weeks to complete. We aim for efficiency without compromising quality and will provide a clear timeline upfront.
  • Q:What kind of warranty do you offer on decking services?
  • A: We stand by the quality of our work with a comprehensive warranty that covers both materials and labour. Our “Sample Page” details the specific terms and conditions, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.
  • Q:How does the climate in my area affect my decking options?
  • A: Climate plays a significant role in choosing the right decking materials. Our “Sample Page” offers guidance on materials best suited to withstand local weather conditions, ensuring your deck’s longevity no matter the climate.

Contact Information:

Want to get this ball rolling or just chew the fat about what BestTorontoDecks can do for your space? Here’s how you can reach out:

  • Phone: 1437-9993782
  • Email:
  • Feedback form on the website: Got a minute? Drop us a line through our site and let’s start the convo.
  • Office Address: Swing by for a coffee and a chat about your project. 311 senlac RD

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K. K. Dokania Richmond Hill Project:

Totally stoked about my new composite deck by BestTorontoDecks! These guys turned my Richmond Hill backyard around in just 9 days. The quality and speed are just next-level. Beyond impressed!"

Amelia Ava Toronto Project:

BestTorontoDecks nailed it! In a quick, they built a stunning wooden deck that’s now the crown jewel of our Toronto home. Fast, sleek, and done right.

Lucy Evelyn North York Project:

Wow, just wow! Our IP wood deck in North York went up in a record 4 days. Talk about swift craftsmanship! BestTorontoDecks are legit wizards in decking. Highly recommend them!"

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

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